1. Preventative Psychological Support at Gaziosmanpaşa

PURPOSE: To improve the quality of life of young people who determine the future of the nation. Organizing the necessary organization for young people who have socio-economic problems to receive this service in this context.

To prevent our young people (secondary school and high school students) and their family members from getting into bad habits and criminal organizations, to ensure that they are beneficial, successful and healthy individuals to society with the collaboration of Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality and Young Will Association and under the scope of the project that will be organized within the province of border of Gaziosmanpaşa.


  1. Establishment and coordination of the team for preventative psychological support in young people project.
  2. Telling the project to the project team and shareholders
  3. Meetings to tell the project to the psychologists and psychiatrists working in the region.
  4. Completion of education preparations (education of the educators, program, syllabus).
  5. Providing the PDR teachers in schools with project training and motivation in GOP municipal conference halls.
  6. Conducting contact meetings for families.
  7. Organizing 2 well-attended conferences with the theme of "Preventive Psychological Support Project".
  8. Introducing the project in the media and publishing promotional videos (on GİD and Gaziosmanpaşa municipality webpages and journals) and press releases.
  9. Initiation of Preventive Psychological Support services (psychological and psychiatric)
  10. Identification and orientation of young people who need Preventive Psychological Support.  (including the families of these young people)
  11. When it is determined that there are other problems regarding these young people who receives preventive psychological support, solving the problems via GİD in coordination with the project and following the process.
  12. Meetings with experts once a month in Gaziosmanpaşa conference halls, informing the public about the project.
  13. Determining the rates of benefiting from the support received through the "Symptom Screening Scale in Adolescents" prepared for the evaluation of the project, preparing a report and sharing it with shareholders and the public.
  14. Discussing the project with science council and the other authorities at Gaziosmanpaşa municipality conference hall, and publishing the final declaration. 

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