​​1.       Effective Communication and Body Language for Healthcare Professionals




Purpose of the activity: It is aimed to gain the knowledge and skills that will enable us to have the body language to communicate better and to have a more effective and professional personal image with effective art of speech.

The content of the education:

  • Definition of Communication and Importance of Communication Skills
  • The losses caused by lack of communication
  • Importance of knowing ourselves in communication
  • Principles and Methods of Effective and Correct Communication
  • Things to do to ensure effective communication within the team
  • Interpersonal Relations, transition to "us" from "you-me"
  • Communication Tools and Channels
  • Nonverbal Communication and Effective Use of Body Language
  • What body movements tell us
  • Countenance


2.       Women's health and hygiene education


Diyarbakır Kayapınar Municipality family support centers

Purpose of the activity:

To provide women's health and hygiene education to 1000 women in the region

Content of the activity:

Women's health and hygiene trainings should include the following topics.

Basic health and hygiene education (supporting mother and child self-care abilities/ The vital importance of small measures on hygiene)

Communicable diseases (points to pay attention at common use areas / correct approach and unconscious drug usage)

Breast cancer / importance of early diagnosis and mammography screening / Early Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

Family planning and birth control methods / mother-infant relation,

Healthy eating, avoiding diabetic and obesity


3.       Simple hospital application education


Gaziantep Cengiz Gökçek gynecology and pediatrics hospital

Purpose of the activity:

Preventing waste in the health sector, reducing costs, increasing employee and patient satisfaction.

Content of the activity

  1. Simple thinking and simple introduction to hospital (worth, expense)
  2. Value stream mapping (vsm)
  3. Brainstorming, problem solving techniques, pareto analysis, fishbone, six sigma
  4. Simple manufacturing techniques

    -kaizen, -standardizing, -kanban and pulling system

    -PokaYoke, -5S Technique Visual Management, -A3 Reporting Technique,
  5. Simple hospital application examples
  6. Application in hospital Unit


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