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Istanbul Aydin University
New Media Application and Research Center

In recent years, with the development and diversification of technology in the field of communication, the "new media" related technologies have become an important industry branch in the world. Therefore, the need for the development of academic approach, theory and practice within the context of new media has arisen. "New Media Application and Research Center" aims to meet this requirement. In this Center; it is aimed to be able to produce solutions to the problems experienced by the individuals concerned with the field, committed to the ethical values, scientific examination of new media literacy and dynamics (social media - social networks - digital media) in the context of world and country facts and to deliver scientific reports and articles which are obtained by the results of the research and investigation carried out to masses of people. In line with this aim, it is planned that implementation and research are planned to be carried out on the theoretical knowledge about the field alongside the original works in the field of social media, implementation of all the stages of planning, preparing, training and marketing of creative projects and their derivatives. In this direction; it is planned that the Center will provide academic support for the educational programs and scientific researches applied in these areas especially in the field of "new media". New Media Application and Research Center established in İstanbul Aydın University consists of three structures as education, sector and academia.


In education structure; it is planned to give contribution and support to the departments and centers in the university within the context of education. In particular, with the newly established "New Media and Communication Systems Program", it is aimed to support applied and academic studies of "New Media Master Programs" in their academic education. Practical seminars and workshops will be organized to support student projects. In the context of non-student sources, it is planned to provide support with IAU Lifelong Learning Center and trainings to be prepared about digital media areas.


In the sector structure, it is planned to provide funds from Development Agencies to develop projects in cooperation with firms that have a say in the new media field and translate them into non-student sources. In addition, it is planned to organize social responsibility activities and seminars and conferences as an extension thereof projects to be established by the sector, STK and public institutions. The provision of sectoral relations as an external stakeholder to the university will also provide resources for the employment of the labor force that the sector needs.


Lastly in the academic structure, it is aimed to make it possible to find solutions and make evaluations of given trainings, produced projects, digital designs, practical experiences and qualitative researches of which the outputs can be discussed, quantitative researches' transformation into academic works, as well as to publish the International Refereed New Media Electronic Magazine incorporated in the Faculty of Communication of İstanbul Aydın University. It is also aimed to support graduate projects and master's thesis with applied studies to be carried out in the center in academic terms.


With the VRlab (Virtual Reality Laboratory) established in the center, we will be able to produce solutions to the problems experienced by the individual in digital environments, committed to the ethical values in the context of the diffusion of innovations, scientific investigation of new media literacy and dynamics (social media - social networks - digital media) in the context of world and country facts, and as a result of the research and investigation carried out, it is aimed to reach the scientific reports and articles. In accordance with this purpose; practical works will be produced, it is planned to analyze these produced digital data and to obtain the outputs of the produced studies. As a result; new media, which is a prominent area in today's communication environment, cannot be used correctly and properly. Markets, agencies are continuously competing to employ creative and knowledgeable individuals who can produce and use social media effectively and actively. In this context, the forthcoming establishment of the "New Media Application and Research Center" will provide students with the opportunity to develop cognitive means in the new media field as well as to perform at the "Technology Center" within the university. This will enable them to be "a step ahead of the business". 

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