National Vocational Qualification Certificate

What is National Vocational Qualification System?

National Vocational Qualification System is a fair, transparent and reliable system in which national vocational qualification standards are formed; vocational and technical education and training programs are prepared in accordance with these standards; labor force's vocational qualifications are documented according to the theoretical and applied examinations carried out at assessment and evaluation centers through the institutions accredited and authorized by the Central Executive Committee; the comparableness of the obtained certifications are provided at national and international levels; life-long learning is supported; the opportunity of certifying the skills of the students without formal education is given and business representatives are actively participating in all decisions related to the process; quality assurance is sustained.

What Is Going to be the Contribution of National Vocational Qualification System to Business and Education Life?

Turkish education's incompetence to meet the needs of labor market in terms of quality and effectiveness indicates that there isn't a stable relation between these two segments. It is an obvious fact that the cooperation and harmony between these two segments are important for economic and social development of the society taking into consideration the outputs of education constitute the inputs of business life. The main objective of establishing Vocational Qualification System is to establish a functional link between education and business. This system will allow Turkey to educate its skilled workforce needed to compete in the global economy. The needs and future tendencies of the business world will be reflected in the education system through national vocational standards. The another objective of education world is to educate qualified labor power and this will be achieved in a more flexible way.  One of the strengths of this system is that it accepts the notion of life-long learning. The other opportunities which will be possible with this system are to certify the skills of those who have no education and acquired these skills by working; to provide horizontal and vertical transitions between different vocations and sectors; to ensure that people are able to reflect the new developments that emerged in their professions and sectors to their professions in a flexible way, and to certify that, etc.

Who Is the Vocational Qualifications Institution?

Vocational Qualifications Institution (MYK) was established with the Law numbered 5544 and dated 21 September 2006 in order to determine the fundamentals of national qualifications in technical and vocational fields based on occupational standards; to conduct the activities of audit, assessment and evaluation, documentation and certification.

Being the related institution of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, MYK is a public institution with public entity, administrative and financial autonomy and special budget.

What is the Role of MYK in the System?

The tasks of MYK is ensuring coordination, taking on the tasks of monitoring, evaluating and authorization in this system. National vocational standards and national competencies, the components of National Vocational Qualifications System, are prepared by public organizations / institutions, employer, employee and professional organizations and non-governmental organizations which have competence and authority on sectors, professions and are authorized by MYK. The preparation of national vocational standards constitutes a basic input in the preparation of national qualifications that will enable assessment and evaluation during examination and documentation process. Also, examination and documentation process is performed under the supervision and observance of MYK. Documentation institutions, accredited within the system formed in compliance with TS EN ISO/IEC 17024 (conformity assessment – General Conditions for the Institutions carrying out personnel documentation), are authorized by MYK and MYK documents are given to those that are successful in the examinations of these institutions.

Vocational Qualifications Documentation:

The result of the exam, held by documentation institution accredited by TÜRKAK and authorized by Vocational Competency Institution, is the documentation indicating the area of competence of an individual.

Documenting tunnel formers and ensuring that they receive vocational qualification documentations will be obligatory on 01.01.2015 with the enforcement (since date of 01.01.2012) of "The Regulation on Construction Supervisors and Masters with Certificate of Authority and the Records of Construction Contractor" published on the Official Gazette numbered 27787 dated 16.12.2010. The sub-clause (1) and (2) of the Article 11 of the Regulation in question are as follows: "(1) It is compulsory to employ a master with certificate of authority in construction and installation works. (2) The certificate of authority is given to masters, working at construction and installation works, by MYK and the institutions authorized by MYK."

What Is Accreditation?

ACCREDITATION: It is the approval by the relevant authority conforming that Conformity Assessment Bodies are getting into act in accordance with the nationally and internationally accepted technical criteria.  Accreditation activities in our country are carried out by Turkish Accreditation Institution (TÜRKAK) established with the law numbered 4457. Accreditation procedures are based on various standards and TÜRKAK accredits the Conformity Assessment Bodies comply with the basic and special conditions for accreditation and take other measures required by the accreditation system.

The Advantages of Vocational Qualification Documentation

For Employees:

It reduces the risk of losing money and time occurs after employing the wrong person (person with no documentation).

Employing the people who have the knowledge and skills required by the profession and who can keep up with the changing conditions increases the competitiveness of employer.

It is encouraged to provide higher quality goods and services to consumers by generalizing the employment of qualified labor force with vocational qualification certificates.

For Individuals:

It gives the individual the opportunity to show her / his knowledge and skills at job applications.

It shows the level of knowledge and skills of the individual.

It provides a great advantage in proving the competency of the individual and the quality of her / his work.

Which Professions Will Be Given Vocational Qualifications Document?

Doctorship, dentistry, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, engineering and architecture, and the professions requiring at least bachelor's degree and have entry requirements regulated with law are outside the scope of the MYK law as stated at the Article 2 of the MYK (Vocational Qualification Certificate) Law numbered 5544. The provision of MYK documents for qualifications of all professions other than those will be discussed. However, documentation can be done in the professions authorized by examination and documentation institutions in accordance with the priorities, needs and expectations of labor market.

Can a person have certificate of competency for multiple areas?

It is possible for individuals to have certificate of competency for multiple areas in National Vocational Qualification System that aims mobility between the countries where lifelong learning and continuing education are supported. A person has the opportunity to have a document with different competencies and levels by horizontal and vertical transfers through improving herself/himself and having education in compliance with the new competencies if s/he is not satisfied with his/her job s/he had with his/her current documents. 

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