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Programme Objective:

The objective of the program is to train graduates who are competent on the history of the international system and the stages it underwent, the economic, political, legal structure and operation of the system, the relations between the states forming the international system and Turkey’s position within this system.

Department Opportunities:

• Minor
• Double major
• Training abroad with international Exchange programs (1 or 2 semesters)
• Opportunity to continue training with the master’s programs after graduation


Career Opportunities:

Our graduates can be employed in the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Strategic Research Centers, national and international public or private institutions. Career opportunities involving national and international political and administrative processes are also available.

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  Message from the Director

​​​​​​Dear Prospective and Current Students,

Welcome to the Istanbul Aydın University Department of Political Science and International Relations.

An undergraduate training, conducted fully in English, covering the fields of political theory, comparative politics, international relations, Turkish politics, and Turkish foreign policy is provided in our department. Furthermore, MA and PhD programs, also conducted in English, are available. Our programs, in which both a large number of international students from both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are

enrolled, provide the students with a training environment offering the opportunity to meet different cultures.The objective of the department is to provide students with both a theoretical training and practical experience through the work placement program.Leading representatives of the world of politics and business, as well as academics specialized in their respective fields, frequently attend conferences, and panels on important subjects in our department. Thus, our students are easily able to build bridges between the theoretical field and real-life practice of political science and international relations.Our graduates may find employment in Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, development agencies, other public institutions, or private sector enterprises, media institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations.                                                                                                                                                                                      Good Luck.                                                                                                        Prof. Dr. Hatice Deniz Yükseker                                                Head of Department of Political Science and International Relations

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