Goals of the Center

ARTICLE 5 – (1) The goals of the center are as follows:

  1. To establish a national framework for the cooperation of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education Council and other universities on STEM.
  2. To carry out research, development and project studies for primary and secondary education levels, to develop new STEM-based training models by evaluating the data obtained, to create programs appropriate to these models, to ensure that the programs are integrated into the national program.
  3. To prepare regional, national and international programs in the fields of STEM; to give lectures and organize seminars, symposiums, panels and conferences.
  4. To pioneer the establishment of science centers and museums at the university and on the national platform, to realize the planning, to provide consultancy and to prepare the STEM training programs of the science centers.
  5. To carry out activities to increase the STEM skills of teachers and prospective teachers.
  6. To follow, research and evaluate the studies carried out in the World in the fields of STEM.

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