ARTICLE 6 – (1) The Center carries out the following activities to achieve its objectives:

  1. To carry out research projects in STEM fields.
  2. To research, monitor and evaluate international STEM training.
  3. To conduct and report interdisciplinary high quality research and development studies in STEM fields.
  4. To develop data-based education policies and strategies in the field of STEM.
  5. Introducing new STEM-based training models, creating a program suitable for these models, to ensure the integration of the created programs into the national program.
  6. To organize congresses related to STEM education at primary, secondary, high school and higher education levels, to organize research, development, seminars, conferences, workshops.
  7. To organize and certify various programs related to STEM education for teachers.
  8. To give STEM education to normal and gifted students.
  9. To conduct studies to identify talented individuals in the field of STEM and create special STEM programs.
  10. To act as a national framework for the STEM studies in turkey and the organizations performing these studies.
  11. To lead the establishment of science centers and museums, to realize the planning, to provide consultancy and to prepare STEM training programs of science centers.

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