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 Ana Sayfa

            The economy lies at the basis of rapidly changing global dynamics. Players of the economic life, notably persons and companies, are the drivers of this change. The decisiveness of economic decisions locates the discipline of economics at the center of the map for comprehending and interpreting global change. The objective of Istanbul Aydın University's Department of Economics and Finance is to train students who have the conceptual and technical background to comprehend and interpret the dynamics of global change. Towards this target, the department offers its students the most developed international standards of training. The department staff consists of globally influential, esteemed scholars. The department attaches importance to scientific research and supports this with MA programs. Cooperating by means of research and scientific activity with the most distinguished universities throughout the world, the department offers its students opportunities such as double majors, and international experience. Students who graduate with a solid training have access to employment opportuinities in private companies, public sector, banks, national and international institutions and enterprises. Opportunities are also available for those graduates who would like to pursue an academic career through MA or PhD programs under the Graduate School (Institute) of Social Sciences in our university.

                                                                                               Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sedat AYBAR

                                                                         Head of Department of Economics and Finance

güncelleme: 8.6.2017 19:47

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