Administrative Board

Dear Friends,

Nowadays, it is a necessity to take a master's degree or doctorate / arts proficiency after undergraduate education for both business career to become prominent and academic career. As Istanbul Aydın University, Institute of Social Sciences; with our Business, Economics, Finance, Law, Psychology, Education, Fine Arts and other postgraduate programs; we have aimed to educate academicians for our universities and to educate qualified and contemporary individuals who are necessary for public and private sector organizations. We are continuing our postgraduate education with our qualified academic staff whose intellectual capacities are in international standards and who stand out with their scientific studies. Our vision as Istanbul Aydın University: to be a contemporary education institution that believes knowledge is power, protects its moral, universal values and does not compromise its ethical understanding in our ever changing and developing world. Here; as the Institute of Social Sciences, we would like to see you, our valuable students, among our postgraduate programs in the framework of this vision.

 Prof. Dr. Özer KANBUROĞLU

güncelleme: 9.4.2018 13:10