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Lesson plan / CONSUMER LAW

Lesson Information

Course Credit 2.0
Course ECTS Credit 3.0
Teaching Language of Instruction Türkçe
Level of Course Bachelor's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 6, EQF-LLL: Level 6, QF-EHEA: First Cycle
Type of Course Programme Elective
Mode of Delivery Face-to-face
Does the course require compulsory or optional work experience? S
Course Coordinator
Instructor (s) Assoc. Prof. (Ph.D.) EBRU CEYLAN
Course Assistant

Purpose and Content

The aim of the course The objective of this course is to define concepts related to consumer law, to demonstrate the relationship between consumption and production and to identify consumer rights.
Course Content Information about the features of consumer agreements, rights that consumers have in case of defective goods and services, consumer organizations and consumer courts will be provided.

Weekly Course Subjects

1The importance of Consumer Law
2The importance of the Code of Consumer Protection
3Basic concepts of Consumer Law
4Defective goods
5Defective services
6Unjust conditions
7Installment sales
8SeaDefective servicessonal Holiday and Package Holiday
9Sales Campaigns, Door-to-door sales and Distance Sales
10Consumer Credit
11Credit Cards
12Subscription Agrements
13Warranty Certificate, Promotional and User Manual
14Commercial advertisements and advertorials


1-Yılmaz Aslan, Tüketici Hukuku, 2006 İstanbul