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 Mission and Vision

güncelleme: 29.12.2016 18:21


Mission of Istanbul Aydın University is;

  • To be an institution that serves the community via education which puts forward the basic and applied interdisciplinary research and occupational competences and has a sound infrastructure keeping up to date, technologically enhancing the process of conversion of knowledge to production,
  • To maintain a campus to have graduates not only competent in their fields of profession but able actors in the global competition and aware of the professional environment with co-existing cultural differences.
  • To create national and international cooperations with Academic Environments, Businesses and NGOs,
  • To promote individuals and the society into lifelong learning,
  • To become center of attraction in national and international arena for students and academicians.
Istanbul Aydın University adopts an understanding of excellence in education.
Our vision is to become a higher education institution wher​e sustainable innovation prevails and individuals who will be beneficial to humanity are educated by gaining vocational competence in education programs keeping up with the changes.

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