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Lesson plan / INSURANCE LAW

Lesson Information

Course Credit 2.0
Course ECTS Credit 3.0
Teaching Language of Instruction Türkçe
Level of Course Bachelor's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 6, EQF-LLL: Level 6, QF-EHEA: First Cycle
Type of Course Compulsory
Mode of Delivery Face-to-face
Does the course require compulsory or optional work experience? Z
Course Coordinator
Instructor (s) Assist. Prof. Dr. NURİ ERDEM
Course Assistant

Purpose and Content

The aim of the course The objective of this course is to identify theoretical information about insurance law and to apply this information.
Course Content Insurance regulations will be comparatively analyzed with EU regulations. The concept of insurance, the importance and historical development of insurance, corporations engaging in insurance business, supervision of insurance companies, insurance contracts, insurance types (property insurance, fire insurance, insurance for carriage of goods by land or inland waters carriage, agricultural insurance, burglary insurance, life insurance, insurance of sea risks), debts of insurance holder, limitations to insurance coverage, scope of risk and loss and indemnification are among the topics which will be covered in this course.

Weekly Course Subjects

1Introduction to Insurance Law- Insurance Corporations Act (Comparison with EU Regulations)
2Insurance Corporations
3Supervision of Insurance Companies
4Definition of Insurance Contracts, Contract Process, Types of Contracts and Provisions
5Classifications of Insurance Contracts- Parties in Insurance Contracts
6Durations in Insurance Contracts
7Provisions in Insurance Contracts
8Liabilities of Insurance Holders ( Premium Payments)
9Midterm Exam
10Duties and Risk Debt of Insurers
11Limitations to Insurance Coverage
12Insurance Law Concepts Arising from Limitations to Insurace Coverage
13Payments of Insurers
14Expiration of Insurace Contracts


1- Prof. Dr.Dr. Rayegan KENDER, Türkiye'de Hususi Sigorta Hukuku, İstanbul, 2008
2- Prof. Dr. İnci KANER, Sigorta Hukuku Pratik Çalışmaları, İstanbul, 2007