The OSARC provides students with a strong cross-cultural framework and unique international opportunities for professional development. As a bridge connecting students and collaborating with institutions from around the world, the Center fosters a respect of the dignity of all human persons and is committed to the academic and professional excellence of its students and its researchers.
Spefically our mission focus on following goals:

 * To Create a collaborative research community, and expands research support, that strengthens İstanbul Aydın University’s ability to attract and retain top tier faculty and students. 

* To teach graduate and undergraduate students state-of-the-art methods for data acquisition and analysis that strengthen scientific inquiry.

* To convene conferences of leading scholars and students to further the debate and bring scientific methodology to bear on large-scale societal problems.

* To Make seed grants and sponsors a faculty fellows programs for interdisciplinary work that effectively promotes scientific research and results.

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