General Information

The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation accepted its first students in the academic year 2015-2016 and the students graduate after 4-year education and receive the title of "Physiotherapist" if they are successful.  

A physiotherapist is health personnel with professional autonomy who plans protective programs, suitable exercises to maintain the health of healthy people; plans, implements, re-evaluates and reports physiotherapy and rehabilitation program intended to expand the functional and rehabilitation capacity in accordance with the diagnosis of specialist physicians by determining functional limitations, pain, disabilities and capabilities of people with specific measurement, evaluation and analysis methods when there is pain and function disorder caused by injury, illness, congenital abnormalities, locomotor system disorder or other conditions. Being protective and medical, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation has become one of the indispensable fields due to increasing human life in our country and the world, the aging population, the need for protection of health consciously in parallel with scientific and technological developments. Our education program includes basic sciences, clinical sciences, vocational courses, research methodology, seminars, and clinical studies for planning and applying treatment programs to be applied to the above-mentioned problems.

Our students will be educated in the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation by using the knowledge acquired during theoretical and practical lessons that will be given them within 4 years of education period including fields such as neurologic and neurosurgical rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, women's health, and gynecological rehabilitation, hand surgery rehabilitation, occupational rehabilitation, rheumatologic rehabilitation, prosthesis-orthesis, and biomechanical rehabilitation, health and rehabilitation of sportsman, vocational rehabilitation, rehabilitation in intensive care, etc.

The students have a wide range of study fields such as university hospitals, private and public hospitals, rehabilitation centers, vocational rehabilitation centers, private education centers and disabled people's schools, prosthesis-orthesis units, spa centers, thermal hotels, sports clubs and centers, nursing homes and institutions providing home care services, industry fields, schools, fitness centers. Physiotherapists are also able to continue their academic careers by completing their scientific and doctoral studies. We are waiting for you to our Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation to be a Physiotherapist that is an expedient profession with a bright future in our country and in the world…

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