Prices of Academic Year 2017-2018 Postgraduate Education

Master’s Degree Programs AreaNon-Area
Family Counseling (With Thesis)17.500 TL        18.500 TL
Family Counseling (Without Thesis) 17.500 TL17.500 TL
Health Physics (With Thesis)17.500 TL18.500 TL
Health Care Management (With Thesis)17.500 TL18.500 TL
Health Care Management (Without Thesis)
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (With Thesis)
Nutrition and Dietetics (With Thesis)
Audiology (With Thesis)
Social Services (With Thesis)
Social Services (Without Thesis)
17.500 TL
18.000 TL
18.000 TL
18.000 TL
16.500 TL
16.500 TL
17.500 TL
18.000 TL
18.000 TL 
18.000 TL
17.500 TL
17.500 TL
Doctorate Programs 

Discounts for Postgraduate Programs
*Ales 80 points and above (Valid for Master's Degree Applications): 25% 
*Ales 80 points and above (Valid for Doctoral Applications): 20% 
*Ales 90 points and above (Valid for Applicants with a Bachelor Degree in Doctoral Programs): 20% 
*Civil Servant (State Official) (Valid for Master's Degree Applications): 25% 
*IAU Associate Degree (Valid for Master's Degree and Doctoral Applications): 30% 
*IAU Bachelor's Degree (Valid for Master's Degree and Doctoral Applications): 40% 
*IAU Master's Degree (Valid for Master's Degree and Doctoral Applications): 20% 
*IAU Personnel (Full Time) (Valid for Master's Degree and Doctoral Applications): 50%
*IAU Personnel's Spouse or Child (Valid for Master's Degree and Doctoral Applications): 35%
*Graduates of the High Honor Program with a GPA of 3.50-4.00 by taking 3 Special Honors Courses at IAU: 100%
*Graduates of the Honor Program with a GPA of 3.00-3.49 by taking 3 Special Honors Courses at IAU: 75%


Registration fees are NOT collected in cash from the accounting. The students who will make a prepayment must pay their fees to Denizbank-TR49 0013 4000 0017 7110 7000 95 account of Istanbul Aydın University with the student's name and national ID card number written in the explanation section.

The students who will pay by installment through a bank and credit card do not need to make a payment in advance and their transactions will be done in accounting.

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