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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our center was established on the basis of the decision higher education executive board dated 2000.11.500 and dated 22/02/2000. The establishment process was started with the application to the administration of our university in the fall semester of academic year 2016-2017. The application request was accepted and approved by the University Senate. Our center continues its studies by being affiliated to the general secretariat of our university.

The reason of establishment:

Talent management in a global competitive environment and the fact that most important resource for sustainable competition is highly skilled employees are increasingly recognized.

The number of highly talented people is limited. It is becoming increasingly difficult to select, cultivate, manage and keep them at work. The high mobility of employees necessitates more efforts to keep such employees.

Employee skills play a decisive role in determining organizational performance. Employee skills can directly affect organizational performance as a production factor or indirectly by increasing morale and motivation. Universities are among the leading organizations in which talented employees work intensively. Employees in universities generally have higher academic backgrounds than those working in other jobs and workplaces, and are selected from among those with higher academic achievements, determined by special methods.

Higher education institutions, which should also have a dynamic structure, have to carry out studies to improve and develop the quality of education and programs implemented. All these justifications form the foundation of the talent management research and application center.

The center to be established will ensure the elimination of deficiencies in these areas;

To carry out joint studies on the subjects of the Center's interest with the contribution of the academic units of the University,

To establish working units from academicians and related public and private institutions / organizations from the university and abroad for the studies to be carried out within the center, when necessary,

To organize certificates, courses and similar programs in the areas of interest of the Center,

To publish all studies in Turkish and foreign languages and share them with all stakeholders,

To prepare periodicals of the center,

To prepare regional, national and international programs on higher education

To give lectures and organize events such as seminars, symposiums, panels and conferences,

To provide consultancy services to public and private sector institutions and organizations upon request

To cooperate with other universities, public and private sector institutions / organizations at national and international level

To engage in any other activity related to its purpose.

Domestic examples:

Today, talent Management is organized in human resources unit especially in private institutions. Public institutions followed and are following this. Although Talent Management is in these institutions as a practice unit, it is extremely important that research, development and academic practices in this field take place within a university institution and that this field is developed and carried out with scientific principles and understanding. In fact, it is unlikely that these researches will be conducted in the workplaces in terms of the main functions of the institutions. However, no such center has been established at a university in Turkey. This center, which is planned to be established in this respect, will be a pioneer in terms of conducting Talent Management researches. In addition, universities have a special advantage in terms of identifying, developing, engaging and developing talented individuals and are important.

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