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 Genel Bilgiler

Mission The students are trained according to the needs of the Textile Industry by equipping with advanced professional and engineering information. Students are also gained ability how to access information, how to make analysis and synthesis, how to be aware of professional ethics and responsibility, how to communicate their environments, and how to be hardworking engineers. Department Opportunities Double Minor Double Major International Exchange Programs ( 1 or 2 semester) Master programs after graduation Career Opportunities Textile Engineers work as managers in textile companies at the various levels which start from trading of raw textile materials, and continues up to the developed final products by using various methods and systems. These levels generally include such as synthetic and chemical fiber and yarn manifacturing factories, weaving preparation and weaving factories, dyeing and finishing factories, confection (garment) factories, household textile factories, technical textile factories. Moreover, textile engineers can work at various State Institutions and Universities. They can be representatives of machinery and technology companies, and also manage their own businesses.



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