General Information

​​​​​​Mission: Our mission is providing electrical (including optics), electronic, mechanical and computer engineering within a meaningful whole for our students; therefore, educating engineers who are able to use the required sub-technologies to create a "smart" electro-mechanic systems or design products by communicating with experts in this field.

Department Opportunities:

  1. Minor
  2. Double Major
  3. Studying abroad through international exchange programs (1 or 2 semesters)
  4. The opportunity to continue master's degree programs after graduation

Career Opportunities: Mechatronic engineers have the opportunity to work in almost every field of industry. They participate in every stage from design phase of the products to manufacturing phase. For this purpose, they carry out research and development activities. Mechatronic Engineers work as maintenance and repair engineers, quality control engineers, R&D engineers, production engineers and sales engineers in factories. Many mechatronics engineers work in managerial positions after taking education and gaining some specific amount of experience. The need for mechatronics engineers increases as the need for advanced machines and equipment increases.  

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