General Information

​​​​​​The Mission of the Department is educating specialist mathematicians and software developers who have basic scientific understanding, have learned the comprehensive and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and current programming languages in the field of Mathematics and Computer, have the knowledge about the subfields of Mathematics and Computer Science, know the mathematical background of computer, recognize the basic theoretical approaches, use mathematics and computer to solve interdisciplinary problems in real life, give importance to research and development, have embraced the necessity of lifelong learning, have adopted ethical values, will be able to meet the ever-changing needs of people and society and able to easily communicate with domestic and foreign stakeholders. Our students who graduate from the Department of Mathematics-Computer will have a strong mathematics-computer bases and equipped with contemporary technological knowledge.

Department Opportunities:

  1. Minor
  2. Double Major
  3. Studying Abroad through international exchange programs (1 or 2 semesters)
  4. Master's Degree program opportunities after graduation

Career Opportunities: Our graduates can work as academicians at universities and also be software specialists, system analysts, managers at information technologies centers within private or public institutions and organizations; software developers, web designers at finance sector; program developers at information technologies centers within banks and institutions; specialists at institutions regarding stock exchange and stocks/bonds; teachers at public and private education institutions.

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