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Objectives of the Computer Education and Instructional Technology Program

1. To be a nationally respected section in the field; To be an important resource that educates computer and IT teachers who are well educated in international standards in this field which our country needs highly educated manpower.

2. To educate 21st century teachers who have knowledge and skills about Computer Education and Instructional Technology.

3. The aim of this course is to create a teacher profile that can use the principles of material development by combining instructional technologies and computer technology in a way to support the multifaceted development of students.

4. The aim of this course is to present the field of instructional technologies and instructional design to the service of scientific and application level institutions and organizations in order to be used in schools and different sectors.

5. To integrate the developments in the social, cultural and artistic fields of our country with the fields of instructional design and instructional technologies and to adapt them to information technologies, to provide social support in design and software dimensions.

Computer Education and Instructional Technology Objectives

1. The aim of the course is to train instructional technologists and instructional technologists in the fields of designing, developing, implementing and evaluating instructional software and instructional software suitable for the curriculum.

2. To contribute to the training of labor force in schools and industrial organizations in the field of instructional technologies and instructional design.

3. Respect for human values, social responsibility consciousness developed, the process can design, questioning, conscious teachers and experts to train.

4. The aim of this course is to create an experienced teacher and expert profile in the field of instructional design using different learning-teaching strategies to develop basic process skills.

5. To be able to follow the national and international publications and practices in the field of instructional technology and design, to use scientific research skills, to think creatively, to lead educational technologists and teachers who have ethical application values in the field of educational technology.

6. The aim of this course is to educate the instructional technologists and designers who know the aims and principles of Turkish National Education Basic Laws, know what they are living, think critically and think about educational programs at every educational level and educate them for schools and different sectors.


The mission of the Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department is to train qualified instructional designers, instructional technologists, software specialists and computer teachers who are conscious of social responsibility, depend on ethical values, are secular, questioning, researching, producing and solving problems.


Our basic vision; The aim of this course is to present the principles, theories and approaches of instructional design and technology based on the instructional design models in the contemporary learning and teaching process, to adopt universal values, to have creative and critical thinking skills, to internalize the scientific approach, to adopt the principle of contributing to the development of society, participatory and democratic To educate qualified educators who are sensitive to the problems in our country and in the world and to do scientific research for this purpose.

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