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 Genel Bilgiler

The Bachelor’s Degree Program of the Business Administration Department is a 240 ECTS credits program of 4 years composed of eight semesters, each with a 30 ECTS workload. One ECTS is equal to 25.5 hours of student workload per semester. Fierce competition is challenging the Global Business World more than ever in the  last decade. Organisations are struggling to operate and ensure their continuity in the light of the global competition. Needless to mention, the need to train skilled managers who can handle the new global game play has become very critical. Today companies are seeking to recruit individuals with more than one language skills, operational and theoric experience and knowledgeable on all domains of business administration. Namely these domains are management, finance, accounting, marketing and production. Here at Istanbul Aydin University Business Administration Programme, we aim to train our students  with our experienced academic personnel and make sure that our students will adapt to contemporary market circumstances and will carry the economy our our country to the new levels.



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