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 Architectural Design (Without Thesis)

​Master's Degree Program without thesis in Architectural Design is a 90 ECTS credit program with a duration of 1,5 academic years and with 3 30-ECTS semesters. The regular program consists of 10 courses of 30 local credits and a term Project. Upon a request by the program director, the institute may require the prospective student to enroll additional courses if his/her background is not considered to be sufficient to follow the program requirements.
The ecological, sociological and psychological problems that arise in relation to building and environment force the field of architecture to collaborate with other disciplines. Landscape and geodesy are a few of the first ones among these disciplines. In this context, master's degree programs in Architectural Design is aimed at developing design strategies and competent architectural projects, while examining the structure of topography and using potentials of earth sciences and landscape architecture.

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