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 Mechanical Engineering (With Thesis)


Master's Degree Program with thesis in Mechanical Engineering is a 120 ECTS credit program with a duration of 2 academic years composed of 4 consecutive 30-ECTS semesters. The regular program consists of 7 courses of 21 local credits, a seminar and a thesis. Both the course work and the thesis have 60 ECTS credits each. Upon a request by the program director, the institute may require the prospective student to enroll to additional courses if his/her background is not considered to be sufficient to follow the program requirements.

Objectives of Master Program in Mechanical Engineering are;

  • conduct studies in the field of mechanical engineering such as construction, production, materials science, energy, mechatronics, automotive and robotics,
  • to enrich students' background with a strong curriculum in order to help them acquire the skills for carrying out research and working at the industry.

Researchers aiming at further development in their career in mechanical engineering or graduates of other programs who would like to specialize in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, material science, energy or automotive can benefit from our Master's program.

Advantages of Master Program in Mechanical Engineering are;

  • Becoming an expert in mechanical engineering who can get involved in advanced research and development.
  • Getting involved in national and international technological projects, conducting thesis work and being able to work in international student exchange programs.

Research Areas related to the program are;
Manufacturing methods, materials engineering, automotive systems, mechatronics engineering, robotic systems, energy systems, renewable energies, alternative fuels, optimization of thermal systems, energy use and its thermodynamic analysis, combustion models, reduction of greenhouse gases, control of exhaust gases from internal combustion engines and fuel cells.

Facilities in The Master Program
The Department has laboratories that are compatible with international standards such as the ones listed below:

  • CNC Laboratory
  • Mechatronics Laboratory
  • Hydrolic-Pneumatic Laboratory
  • Thermal System Laboratory
  • Automotive Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Electrical-Electronics Laboratory

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