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 Urban Design (Without Thesis)

Urban Design Master's program in urban design scale, human scale, all scales up to and surrounding urban space, according to the principles of sustainable ecological design gives training to improve the qualitative and quantitative aspects.
Education ProgramEducation and Lesson Plan period;
Istanbul Aydin University, Institute of Science and Master of Urban Design(thesis) students who have graduated from the program cational holds an undergraduate degree in the field of urban design. Normal time to completethis program is three semesters, the student's academic workload andlesson plan 90 TEACHING PLAN at least 30 local credits consist of a minimum of 10 courses and a term project. The program is open to applications from outside the area, the course load of students coming from outside, they are taken before training, taking into account the recommendation of the head of the department and the institute can be upgraded with the decision of the board of directors.
Terms of Reference;
Master of Urban Design (thesis) program in order to register Istanbul Aydin University, Institute of Science Education Regulations conditions must be fulfilled.

Master of Urban Design (thesis) program is an interdisciplinary program.Master of Urban Design Program, Architecture, Landscape Architecture,Urban and Regional Planning departments will be students who havegraduated from a degree program. These disciplines outside the program,which refer, Civil and Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Architectureprogram, History and Theory of Architecture III and MIM MIM 301 352Settlement Planning and Design course to take two to complete andrequired to be successful in this course.

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