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 Information Technology (Without Thesis)

Master's Degree Program without thesis in Information Technology is a 90 ECTS credit program with a duration of 1,5 academic years and with 3 30-ECTS semesters. The regular program consists of 10 courses of 30 local credits and a term Project. Upon a request by the program director, the institute may require the prospective student to enroll additional courses if his/her background is not considered to be sufficient to follow the program requirements.
Today, information technologies are highly advanced. Computer hardware and software are heavily used in various areas. However, majority of the universities, the degree programs, with the exception of certain sections, and the courses on information technology are rare or nonexistent. In contrast, all professions must utilize and share information to maintain a competitive edge. Information Technologies Master's degree program is offered for non computer engineers in the Institute. Courses offered under this Master's program and the regular course plan are displayed on this site.

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