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​​​​​​​The aim of graduate study is to foster the student intellectualllyin any field of study, and to create opportunities by having specialized training for career in teaching, research, industry or in management. In this study, the student exchange ideas with his/her colleagues to educate one another. Advanced courses and scientific research make the talent innovative in problemsolving and team work by improving leadership and communication skills. Our graduate programs will prepare the students in social, scientific and engineering knowledge at a very fast rate and contemporary technology with highly specialized knowledge in greater depth. Our WEB page briefly introduces how to apply and what are the requirements and options for study towards various graduate degrees.

Since 2009 Graduate School of Applied and Natural Sciences has tried to motivate all its departments to be more active in fundamental and applied research in order to tranfer the İstanbul Aydın University to a research university. We offer 1 Ph.D. and 4 Master’s Thesis option and 4 Master’s Non-Thesis option in major engineering fields. Food Engineering has both Ph.D. and Master’s thesis option. Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Architecture are Master’s thesis option whereas Information Technology, I/T based Teaching Technology, Architectural design and Urban Design are Master’snon-Thesis option. As of 2012 Spring semester, there are 101 Master's, 42 Master's non thesis option and 42 Ph.D. are enrolled to our 9 programs. Our graduate school is affiliated with full-professors, associate-professors and assistant-professors in 9 different engineering and science programs.
A Master’s Thesis Program requires 120 ECTS (min 21 local credits and 7 courses) with thesis submission in 4 semesters whereas a student in Master’s non-Thesis Program should fulfill 90 ECTS (min 30 local credits and 10 courses) with project submission in 4 semesters. The Ph.D program is open to thestudents with a graduate level of both B.Sc. and M.Sc. requires 240 ECTS in total (21 local credits for M.Sc and 42 local credits for B.Sc.) with a thesis submission).
Our mission is to create a comprehensive and challengingmedium for the students to have specialized in knowledge and technology. Our vision is to enhance the interdisciplinary research and education for our students at the international levels and in consistent with the Bologna Process.

Director of the Graduate School

European University Association’s Institutional Evaluation Programme