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 Dr. Mustafa AYDIN; “We Have to Declare Mobilization in Higher Education. We Need to Guide the Next Generations on the Right Path by Taking Joint Action in the Absence of Boundaries in Our Day”.

<p><strong>AN &quot;HONORARY DOCTORATE&quot; FROM &quot;ODESSA NATIONAL POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY&quot; TO DR. MUSTAFA AYDIN…</strong></p><p><strong>DR. MUSTAFA AYDIN; &quot;WE HAVE TO DECLARE MOBILIZATION IN HIGHER EDUCATION. WE NEED TO GUIDE THE NEXT GENERATIONS ON THE RIGHT PATH BY TAKING JOINT ACTION IN THE ABSENCE OF BOUNDARIES IN OUR DAY&quot;.</strong></p><p><strong>Being one of the oldest universities in Ukraine with its Nobel Prize winning academicians, Odessa National Polytechnic University gave an &quot;honorary doctorate&quot; to Dr. Mustafa Aydın, Istanbul Aydın University the President of the Board of Trustees, for his contributions to the science world through his education and research studies. </strong></p><p><strong>Odessa National Polytechnic University</strong> established in 1918 in Odessa which is Ukraine&#39;s third largest city, gave an <strong>&quot;honorary doctorate&quot;</strong> to <strong>Dr. Mustafa Aydın, Istanbul Aydın University</strong> the President of the Board of Trustees, for his contributions to the science world through the works he performed as being the founding president of Eurasian Universities Union and his education and research studies.</p><p>Speaking at the ceremony held in the Rector&#39;s Building of <strong>Odessa National Polytechnic University</strong>, <strong>Dr. Mustafa Aydın</strong> stated this title made him proud and added that; &quot;<strong>Ever since the first days of history, people have always been in contact with their immediate and distant surroundings. They have fought a lot and have not learned how to share things. As a result of these conflicts and wars, many civilizations and people have disappeared and continue to disappear. The world is deaf and blind to the humanitarian plight that was encountered in Syria yesterday and is encountering in Jerusalem today. The problems that can be solved by mutual dialogue are unfortunately impeded and got in a vicious circle because of the games of some interest groups. We must teach and adopt inter-communal dialogue which is the only solution of conflicts. The problems and solutions of the vital issues such as environment, education, health, energy, water, security, terrorism should be tackled by all the universities not only at national level, but also</strong> <strong>at international level. </strong><strong>Everyone who knows me can act as a witness I wholeheartedly</strong> <strong>believe that the most important aspects of universities needed to improve are being international and raising people of the world. We have to declare mobilization in higher education. </strong><strong>&#160;</strong><strong>We need to guide the next generations on the right path by taking joint action in the absence of boundaries in our day. As an educator who devoted his life to youth, next generations, I call out to you with my whole heart: Do not give up, do not get desperate, learn, be open to new ideas and developments, the future is taking root in your hands, take good care of them, water them, prune them, let them bloom. When they bear fruit, remember that all of this happened thanks to you. Do not let them dry out and easily get plucked from their weak roots. Grow high planes so many generations may grow under their tremendous shadows by the virtue of you. I live the honor and happiness of being here today. I would like to express my gratitude to the Rector of this precious university, Prof. Hennadii O. Oborskyi, for deeming me worthy of an &quot;honorary doctorate&quot;. </strong></p><p>Being one of the leading universities in Ukraine with its <strong>Nobel Prize winning academicians</strong>, <strong>Odessa National Polytechnic University</strong> specially serves an important function in the development of education and science. Having profoundly a modern structure, <strong>Odessa National Polytechnic University</strong> participates in student exchange programs by making agreements with many colleges and universities in Europe, Asia and America. </p><p><strong>&#160;</strong></p><p><strong>&#160;</strong></p><p><strong>&#160;</strong></p>



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