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 Disaster Awareness Training for IAU International Students

 Disaster Awareness Training for IAU International Students

<div><br/></div>​IAU international students are invited to “Disaster Awareness Training” to be done by experts from Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry, on the 17th of October 2017, between 10 am-11 am at Istanbul Aydın University, Florya Campus, D Block, Orange Hall.<br/>&#160;<br/>The training is part of Global Disaster Volunteer Project developed by UNESCO Chair in Cultural Diplomacy, Governance and Education and IAU Disaster Training, Application and Research Center.<br/>&#160;<br/>Everyone should be aware of potential disasters and informed of protective and safety measures. Please also join us to learn about the potential benefits of this project with an international outreach.&#160;<br/>&#160;<br/>All participants will be issued a certificate of attendance!&#160;<br/>&#160;<br/>Participation is limited with 50 students. For participation please e-mail us at baharkavala@aydin.edu.tr no later then 13th of October.&#160;



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