Why Study with IAU

  1. The most-preferred university among the international students in turkey.
  2. Biggest Technology Center of Turkey.
  3. Job Placement Centre for graduates has %83.6 job replacement ratio.
  4. Istanbul Aydin University places importance on internationalization. It has 4000+ international students from 107 countries.

  1. The biggest Techno Center of Turkey, established in a single complex 

You will be able to take advantage of the biggest Techno Center of Turkey which is located inside the campus at Istanbul Aydin University. With thousands of Mac computers right at your feet, you will never be left without an access to a computer during your studies.

  1. The University diplomas are recognized by European Union and extended region of European Higher Education.
  2. Continuous education scholarship during the legal education period.
  3. Cooperation for education with 450+ universities all over the world.
    1. International Academic Relations Office is responsible for the MoUs, which facilitate bilateral student and staff exchanges, organization of international conferences and projects with partner universities, cooperation in short term study programs and other study abroad programs at Istanbul Aydin University and partner institutions.

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