Step by Step Farabi


For students;
Follow the application dates at your university before March 15th. 
Deliver the documents requested for application to the Farabi Office between the dates specified. 
You have made your application. Now follow the university’s Farabi website. 
If your application is approved, the documents will be sent to the university you are applying for. 
Follow the application announcements of the university you want to go.
The process ends in the case of rejection. 


Deliver Education Protocol and Student Application Form to the Farabi Institution Coordinatorship of the university.
Keep following the announcements of the university you will go. If there is no announcement, contact with the Farabi Office of the university you will go.
Sign the university’s Farabi Institution Coordinatorship education protocol and sent it to the accepter university.  
After approving the education protocol and acceptance documentation, the accepter university will send them to the sender university’s Farabi Office. 


Deposit the contribution to the accepter university, and register for empty course without choosing one. 
Enroll in the courses in education protocol on enrollment days of the accepter university.
If you need to set an add /drop form, inform your own university and then deliver your form to the accepter university. 
The sender university submits the signed education protocol and the add / drop form if available to the Board of Directors for approval of course accreditation. 
Check your course registration. 
Pay attention to the branches you registered in. Do not attend a course in a wrong branch. It may create absenteeism problem. 
The sender university put 70% of the monthly scholarship in the form of emolument into the bank account you determined in the liability agreement one month after the start of education.  


Deliver your discharge certificate and identity to the relevant unit of the accepter university at the end of the academic year. 
Deliver your final report to the sender university within 15 days after the end of Farabi studentship. 
Farabi Institution Coordinatorship of the accepter university sends your academic record and participation certificate to the sender university. 
30% of the scholarship is paid according to the student’s success. 

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