- IAU Student Council Regulation  / (Turkish (.pdf) )

The student council is formed with the elections held in every November. Each class and department have a representative. It is a unit that covers all our students in a hierarchical structure. The president of the council is also an official member of the National Student Council.

Nationally and internationally recognized and respected experts come together with the students and convey information to them about their fields by means of events such as panels, conferences and conversations supported by the student council and student clubs in our institution.

- IAU Student Clubs Regulation (Turkish (.pdf) )

The purpose of the works carried out by the student clubs:
To support the students to have vocational education and gain experiences such as creating more productive structures by cooperating with other individuals,

To prepare an environment for our students to use their energy more appropriately for their own futures and the country's future by thinking faster, more contemporary, rationale and dynamic and by analyzing,

To provide preventive information and guidance works,

To sustain the appropriate life experiences to the students in accordance with the development of their cultural and aesthetic pleasures, not only academically, but also socially from the biological and psychological aspects,

To contribute to the reduction of stress and monotony of the daily life and the intense academic environment by way of the organized free time activities,

To educate the students as healthy and successful individuals and prevent identity confusion, lacking of a target, emotional emptiness.

  1. An instructor is assigned to a permanent position to guide the works of each of our student clubs which are established in line with Istanbul Aydın University's Regulation of Student Clubs. The student clubs inform the Student Deanship / Department of Health, Culture and Sport about the activities they will carry out within their fields of activity and submit it for the relevant department's approval in order to inform the Association of the Student Clubs and the Student Council, prevent conflicts in activities and sustain the necessary coordination. After this process, they carry out their activities.
  2. The financial support required to conduct the activities of the Student Clubs and the Student Council is met entirely by our institution and by cooperating with various sponsors.
  3. The students fulfill duties in our Student Clubs and the "Association of the Student Clubs" that they form by choosing members among themselves carry out the organizations of their own activities, also they play an active role in meeting the responsibilities of the "Student Council". Our students performed national and international activities regarding their fields and have been a part of the many exemplary works both within our university and throughout the country.

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