About Us

It is not surprising to meet the graduates of Istanbul Aydın University, taken the road with the slogan of "Towards a bright future", in the brightest spots of business life. Istanbul Aydın University is an unmitigated city and campus university with its location at the center of Istanbul and experienced academic staff with a reputation for their scientific work in our country and in the world. 

The first thing that will catch your attention when you step in the campus is its vitality. A constant energy and mobility dominates Istanbul Aydın University where you can encounter an activity every hour of the day. Having achieved many successes for a young and dynamic university, IAU prepares its students for their dream careers by providing free career planning to its students and graduates. You may find yourself starring in a short movie, working in a research project or accompanying a song while you are in IAU that is acting with an understanding of the importance of practical education besides theoretical education. 

You should not be surprised that a friend you encounter when you go to universities abroad is an IAU student. Istanbul Aydın University is hosting many foreign students while sending its students abroad under the program of Erasmus. IAU serves its students uninterruptedly with its foreign language, food and computer labs equipped with advanced technology by acting with the principle of "Technological University" and the consciousness that scientific research and development is possible with superior technology. In this context, the presence of Turkey's largest Techno-center in IAU is no coincidence. 

IAU has opened the doors of Europe for its students after receiving the award of ECTS Label and DS Label given to the European universities that have managed to practice ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and Diploma Supplement applications at the level of excellence by European Commission. For example, if you have graduated from the Business Department, the diploma you have received is valid now in Europe. This is just one of the steps we have taken to become a "world university". 

Istanbul Aydın University prepares its students for business life during their education periods by practicing on-site applications to remove the "inexperience" factor which is a disadvantage in job searches. Supporting our students after graduation with a lifelong education approach, we are carrying out career planning of our students with our career center that serves continuously, employing most of them after graduation with our numerous solution partners, and working to provide them their dream careers. Beside that we should not forget to have fun. IAU students meet many famous names during spring festivals, seminars, conferences and other events held during the current academic year and they gain experience by listening to these people's success stories. 

Being "the most preferred foundation university in Turkey since the year it was established, IAU fully meets the expectations of the students with its campuses in Bahçelievler an Florya, continues to grow rapidly towards a bright future by providing new opportunities to its students every day with its academic staff, research centers and the ideal of being a "World University".

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