Supply Chain Policy

As Istanbul Aydın University, we believe that the most important step of the services that will provide customer / student satisfaction will be possible with effective supply chain management. For this purpose, all Academic Units in Supply Chain Management, Technology Transfer Center Management, Research Center Management, Development Center Director, International Relations Director, Construction Works, Planning, Purchasing, Warehouse Management are coordinated in strategic activities and vision sharing is realized.

Students are both input and output and customers in the scope of supply chain management of Higher Education Institutions and education sector. Therefore, as Istanbul Aydın University, we create collaborations focused on supply chain management, meeting customer expectations, supplying qualified inputs, qualified process management and qualified human development, and performing process management.

As İstanbul Aydın University, a higher education service is provided that meets the expectations of the physical, academic, information access and needs of the students from the perspective of the customer during the education.

From the input and product perspective, a higher education service is provided that develops academic education models, manages technology offices and research centers on a sectoral basis, provides superior academic staff and training, creates public and industry cooperation models, supports Erasmus, internship, and graduate management programs for students to complete their social and cultural development in order to meet the current human resources needs of the sector.

Professional promotion, training and promotion activities are carried out with institutions and organizations, such as Ministry of National Education, Public Institutions and Organizations, Provincial Directorates of National Education, District National Education Directorate, Secondary School, Foyer Companies, etc., providing qualified alumni and human resource as a result of the students, both input and customer of education process, prefer our university.

İstanbul Aydın University acts with a policy of realizing the processes from student procurement to the needs of the relevant sectors and from the processes of professional competence and job placement to the effective start of their careers in a traceable and integrated manner.

5 main sub-supply chain management focal points and policies, which are among our principles as Istanbul Aydın University, are in line with the Customer Satisfaction and ServQual criteria, which support our Corporate Strategies that we set in our customers, suppliers and internal stakeholders, are identified below:


Supply Chain Policy – Security Function: To realize the promised education, social, technical, cultural, academic opportunities, expectations of the students and the public and private sector with perfection, reliability and an understanding of promise. To organize education and training activities within the framework of educating people for the needs of the sector by cooperating with institutions, organizations and industries operating in public and private sectors.

Supply Chain Policy – Physical Substructure: To present the classrooms, laboratory amphitheaters, meeting halls, living spaces, sports and cultural spaces used in education and training to the personnel and students in accordance with the requirements of the age. To perform digital processes, personnel and service areas in accordance with customer expectations.

Supply Chain Policy – Eagerness and Empathy Function: To provide exam preparation, professional introductions, university introductions, preference days services to the potential students and strategic suppliers supplying student to our institution with an enthusiastic, timely and agile understanding in customer procurement processes. Evaluating and solving the requests, demands and complaints of the current students with helpful understanding and empathy.

Supply Chain Policy – Access to Information and Follow-up: To make all processes from student procurement to the needs of related sectors, students' professional competence and job placement, and career development traceable. Academic units (faculty, collage, institute vocational school), technological transfer offices, research centers, innovation center directorate, purchasing, planning, storehouse belongings functions carry out their processes based on the five different supply chain management service dimensions and principles discussed above.

For this purpose, it is ensured that performance measurements of all Supply Chain Management functions in Corporate Strategy and Supply Chain Policies are performed carefully and regularly. The Supply Chain Committee provides the necessary arrangements for the correct interpretation of the measured performance and the improvement of inefficient performances and supply chain performance targets are updated periodically.

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