Quality Policy

Our Vision

Istanbul Aydın University has embraced the principle of perfectionism in education. Its vision is to be a higher education institution where individuals, who can contribute to humanity by converting knowledge to production, are trained by taking professional competence in education programs which can renew themselves in line with contemporary changes, and where sustainable innovations come to life.

Our Mission

To be an institution that serves the public via education by having a top-tier infrastructure for education and research that is constantly updated, accelerating the rate which knowledge turns into product and having a professional competence, basic and applied interdisciplinary researches that rank among the first in the global rankings in terms of world standards.

Our Quality Policy

Istanbul Aydın University has adopted a quality assurance system in order to achieve its strategic goals in line with its mission, vision, values and principles. Istanbul Aydın University is based on developing the management system of the institution with its quality-oriented education, research and development, and contribution to the prominent community at regional/national level within the scope of national and international external evaluation criteria while also aiming to be an effective, efficient, competitive and entrepreneurial university.

The IAU has adopted the establishment of its own quality assurance system by combining the national quality assurance system established with the adoption of international standards (ESG 2015-European Standards and Guidelines) within the Bologna process, which includes improvements in the European Higher Education Area, with the regional/national culture. Our university, which is centered on international standards and relevant legal regulations in all of its activities, has embraced the university management policy of regularly monitoring the satisfaction and complaints of our students and all our stakeholders, to return to all kinds of complainants and to produce solutions in reasonable time.

Prof. Dr. Yadigar İZMİRLİ 


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