Energy Efficiency Planning Policy


Istanbul Aydin University is primarily concerned with compliance with national and international legislation and standards in its works. In order to leave a livable planet to future generations, it aims to continuously raise awareness of its employees, students, society and suppliers, and to improve its environmental performance while implementing its practices. In order to achieve these goals, energy efficiency and savings must be a part of daily education, teaching and research activities and all aspects of campus life. The main objective of the university is to reduce energy and water density, greenhouse gas emissions, use of natural resources and the amount of waste sent to disposal.


With this policy, it is aimed to reveal the sensitivity and future provision of our university in the light of the developments in our country and in the world in the field of energy efficiency, and to create a participatory, contemporary energy and environmental management infrastructure by taking the opinions of all our stakeholders, especially the instructors, administrative staff and students.

In order for the university to fulfill its duties in accordance with the legal legislation, first of all, to save energy and to implement "Integrated Waste Management" in order to disseminate the processes throughout the university from the starting point where waste is produced to the environmentally friendly disposal of waste by following up the waste, to increase the knowledge in this field based on exemplary projects from Turkey and the world on waste management and to carry out public relations activities to create social awareness, to optimize and structure all environmentally friendly activities such as greening, environmentally friendly buildings and energy saving.


In our era, the responsibilities of universities are developing and diversifying. In this context, it is among the duties of higher education institutions to protect the cities, which are our main living spaces with environmental awareness, to increase energy efficiency and to carry out studies on their subjects. Our university, which acts with the awareness of the society, demonstrates its target of being a pioneer of saving and environment-friendly institution with its communication activities aimed at informing the public and research outputs in line with the 2023 vision of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. To set an exemplary model for the society in the environmentally friendly disposal of substances that are formed as a result of research activities, education and training activities and service activities in all locations of our university, especially Florya Halit Aydın Campus, which is our main campus, and to establish a pioneering energy planning practice among foundation higher education institutions is the aim of our university.


  • To conduct research on the efficient use of energy,
  • Carrying out research and development activities to increase energy and efficiency,
  • To work on alleviating the burden of energy costs on the budget.,
  • To work on increasing efficiency in the use of energy resources and energy for the protection of the environment,
  •  To provide the reports of energy efficiency in the architectural structures to be designed and located in the campus areas of the university,
  • To carry out studies to increase energy efficiency in architectural structures owned by the University,
  • To collect and analyze scientific data on energy management and efficiency.

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