Education and Research Policy

Istanbul Aydın University applies an education and research policy supporting national and international progress and development with domestic and national technology in the light of universal principles; aiming to rank high in international rankings with quality education programs and research intertwined with the society in which they live; that is entrepreneur and commerce-oriented; creating global impact.

Istanbul Aydın University has a policy

·     That is providing international education-trade and research-development services in accordance with the universal understanding of science,

·     That sheds light on the lives of our students with the information we produce,

·     That provides both physical and developmental opportunities to realize its vision in the field of research,

·     That continuously improves education and research processes with stakeholder engagement.

·     That creates a creative research and development environment in which faculty and students can follow contemporary developments by supporting science and art studies,

·     That transforms scientific value into economic value and provides to the society with technology transfer, entrepreneurship and incubation services, intellectual property rights, licensing and commercialization activities,

·     That leads with the cooperation it has established with the public and industry

·     That is aiming to be at the top of education-training and research-development in national and international rankings.

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