Organization Structure

Managing Bodies and Duties of the Center

Managing bodies of the center

ARTICLE 7 – (1) The managing bodies of the center are:

  1. Manager
  2. Board of management
  3. Advisory committee


ARTICLE 8 – (1) The manager is appointed fır three years from full-time faculty members of the University upon the proposal of the Rector and the approval of the President. The manager whose term of office has ended may be re-appointed with the approval of the President. One of the members of the board of management is appointed as the deputy manager upon the proposal of the Rector and the approval of the President to assist the Manager. The term of office of the deputy director is three years. The deputy substitutes for him/her when the manager is not in charge. If the manager is absent for more than six months, a new manager shall be appointed.

Manager's tasks

ARTICLE 9 – (1) The tasks of the Manager are:

  1. To plan and carry out activities aimed at achieving the objectives of the Center.
  2. To represent the center.
  3. To determine the agenda of the Board of managers and to implement the decisions taken.
  4. To ensure coordination and supervision between the units within the Center.
  5. To communicate and work with national and international organizations.
  6. To preside the board of management and Advisory Board.
  7. To prepare the annual activity report of the Center and its units and submit it to the Rectorate.

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