Exam Instructors

The candidates are required to be present at the doors of examination rooms half an hour before the start of examination in order to complete the procedures of id check and placement of the candidates into the rooms. Observers have the authority of determining where the candidates will sit during exam or changing their places before exam. Candidates will be registered with Candidate Attendance Form already submitted to the exam room and the Observer will remind the candidates of the rules to be followed during the examination.

Theoretical exams can be held electronically via computers given to each candidate or question booklets. If the exam is held via computer, the answers are evaluated electronically; if the exam is held through booklets, the answers are evaluated by answer keys. The required explanations for theoretical exam will be done by the Observers to ensure each candidate is able to reach the questions and answer through their computers.  The candidates who arrive after the distribution of exam papers will not be able to take the exam. The candidates will not be allowed to leave the room even if they have completed the exam early. It is forbidden to leave the room during the first 30 minutes and last 15 minutes of the exam. A candidate who arrives after the start of the examination may be allowed to enter the examination room within the first hour as long as no candidate left the room. Otherwise, the candidate who arrived late will not be allowed to sit the exam.

Also, the candidates are definitely not allowed to leave the examination room for the need to use the toilet, etc. The candidates cannot continue their exams if they leave the examination room before the end of the exam.

The prohibited behaviors while taking the exam are as follows: To bring communication tools such as beepers, cell phones, radiophones, radios, etc. to examination room; to bring devices with all kinds of computer features such as personal computers, clocks with other functions, etc. to examination room; to bring equipment such as weapons to examination room; to talk during exam; to copy or to help someone else to copy; to ask questions to the Observers in the room; to give or take stuff like pencil, eraser; to smoke cigarette, pipe, cigar, etc. in the exam room; to use dictionary or items serving the same purpose; to eat and drink in a way that disturbs other people; to conduct behaviors disturbing the peace.

The exam answers of the candidates are analyzed with information processing methods. The findings obtained from these analyzations will be determined by IAUMSM. If it is concluded that there is a cheating pair or group, the exams of these candidates will be accepted as void. Therefore, the candidates should not attempt to cheat or benefit from others during exam, the candidates should be careful to ensure that their answer sheets / computer screens are not discernible to other candidates during exam.

It is the main duty of candidates to obey the exam rules.  The candidates who do not obey the rules will not be allowed to continue the exam. However, the observers may give warning to the candidates who do not follow the rules if s/he thinks it necessary not to distract others and not to waste their time. The identities and faults of these people will be clearly written on the exam report and their exams will be declared invalid in exam report whichever path is chosen.

Materials such as pencils, erasers will be given to candidates by IAUMSM. The candidates should not leave any auxiliary materials such as documents, books, folders, notebook, etc.

The exams start with the observer's "The exam started" announcement.  

Erased and wrong markings are considered incorrect. If there are multiple markings for one question, the answer will be considered wrong.

The candidates and observers must use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if the exam is held at a worksite and it is found necessary. PPEs are sustained by IAUMSM. The candidates are obligated to give the equipment back to the observers after the exam.

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