The Use of Logo / Brand

The Rules to be Followed by the People Documented by Istanbul Aydın University Personnel Documentation and Professional Testing Application and Research Center

IAUMSM specifies the document's condition of use and rights of representative on the contract signed by the candidates and records the signed document.

The principles and rules for the use of document are stated below:

1. The document cannot be used for the activities out of the applied and approved scope. Legal action will be commenced against the person who does not follow these criteria and continue to use the document in spite of the fact that a written warning was given.

2. The document is the property of IAUMSM and the person has the right to use the document as long as the certification procedures are followed and the documentation is valid. The documented person cannot transfer the document to anyone else or make somebody use it in any way.

3. When the document must be cancelled, it will be announced on the IAUMSM's website.

4. The responsibility arising from the unfair use of the document belongs to the documented person. The person is obliged to stop the use of the document, the use of the logo and the references to the document.

5. The person cannot use her/his document in a way that would damage the IAUMSM's reputation.

6. The person cannot use her/his document in a misleading way.

7. The person cannot use her/his document in a way that causes a re-discussion with IAUMSM.

8. The person cannot use her/his document in a way creating a misleading and unauthorized declaration about IAUMSM regarding the documentation.

9. The owner of the document cannot make any changes on the document.

10. If there is a tearing on the documentation or a destruction, etc. on the paper that prevents the understanding of the document, the person should stop using the document and apply to IAUMSM with the old document in order to renew it. 

11. The usage of all documents with any reference to the documentation should be discontinued in case of decertification of the document.

12. The use of the document will end in case of decertification. The document must be submitted by the owner of the document to IAUMSM center within fifteen (15) days.

13. If the document owner loses her/his document, s/he should inform IAUMSM about the published declaration on loss with a petition.

14. The document can be minimized and enlarged as long as the ratio remains constant. However, the writings on the document must be readable. The document can be copied to demonstrate the competency of the document owner in terms of documentation.

15. The document can be used in publications and on the internet by the document owner to show her/his competence in the relevant field.

16. The LOGO and BRAND on the document cannot be used alone to demonstrate competency. Likewise, any part of the document cannot be used, copied or published separately.

17. Istanbul Aydın University Personnel Documentation and Professional Testing Application and Research Center documents should not be used in a way that can damage the reputation of the documentation system of IAUMSM or that may cause loss of public confidence. 

18. The document is invalid if it is canceled or expired.

19. If the document owner does not act in accordance with the surveillance evaluations carried out for the validity of the document pursuant to IAUMSM Documentation Procedure and does not act in compliance with the evaluations related to documentation renewal after the documentation expiration date, her/his document will be invalid as it is detailed at Documentation Service Contract signed between the document owner and IAUMSM.

20. The document owners cannot use the logo or brand of IAUMSM or TÜRKAK and MYK (Central Executive Committee) on the document to the end that they are authorized by the institution they work with.

21. Documented people must comply with the legislation and rules of MYK.

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