Structural Strengthening Conference Against to Earthquake

Structural preparation, which is one of the most important issues in disaster preparedness in terms of earthquakes, is regarded as one of the most important problems that must always be overcome in cities such as Istanbul, where there is a lot of building stock. The basis of this is the prevalence of a settlement culture, which generally did not receive engineering services and lacked an urban planning approach.

One of the most important studies to be carried out for residential areas where structures with suspicious earthquake resistance because they are far from the city planning discipline or without engineering services are urban transformation studies.

As Istanbul Aydın University Disaster Training Application and Research Center (AFAM), we evaluated how these problems could be remedied with the Civil Engineering students of the Engineering Faculty of our university with this conference.

Civil Engineer Cevdet Şentürk and AFAM Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fatih Altan attended as a speaker and both the strengthening methods in accordance with the legislation and the criteria to be observed in urban transformation were conveyed to our students.

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