Disaster Preparedness Training For IAU Staff

Istanbul, which has been subjected to the destructive effects of disasters caused by earthquakes many times throughout its history, is shown among the cities with the highest disaster risk in the World. Fort his reason, every institution and individual in this city has a set of works to be carried out for disasters.

As Istanbul Aydın University Disaster Training Application and Research Center, we have carried out a training for our personnel, in which individual preparations against disasters are conveyed, with this awareness of responsibility.

In this training, it was explained step by step what kind of preparations should be mad efor the inviduals themselves and their families before, during and after the disaster. In the training that lasted for one hour and thirty minutes, responsibilities for the responsibilities of inviduals and institutions in order to increase collective awareness about disasters were shared with the participants.

12-Training For IAU Staff-Eylül 2019.jpg

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