The Workshop of Determination the National Shelter Policy

In order to develop a shelter policy at the national level, with the workshop held in Antalya between 26 - 28 November 2018 under the coordination of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Internal Affairs, Disaster Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD);

To bring together representatives of relevant institutions and organizations,

To identify existing and potential problems,

Identifying solutions,

To ensure that the relevant legislation is updated, and

It is aimed to create a shelter policy suitable for our age.

Developing the methodology of the workshop, which we undertake as the consultancy of Istanbul Aydın University Disaster Training Application and Research Center we conducted moderator trainings and preparation of the workshop final report. 133 people from 55 directorates/departments from 35 different institutions attended the workshop held at the national level. As a result of the workshop, where discussions took place under 8 Chapters and 23 sub-titles, 12,747 data were presented for 38 different risks. It is planned to continue with the work of the technical groups after the data obtained from the national shelter policy development workshop are shared.

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