Mass Communication Workshop on Global Climate Change and Combating Disasters

We held the mass communication workshop, which was determined as a critical area before the "International Symposium on Global Climate Change, Environment and Energy", which we will hold for the second time on April 18, 2018, in Florya Campus of our university on March 7, 2018.

The workshop was held in order to minimize the losses caused by global climate change and major disasters and to contribute to the capacity building activities to be carried out through mass media in Turkey. In the workshop, which is a first in the academic and sectoral sense, important data were obtained on the problems encountered in the current situation and the studies that need to be done.

The workshop was attended, Gökhan Abur (NTV), Bünyamin Devamli (CNNTÜRK), Göksel Göksu (CNNTÜRK), Ezgi Gozger (Fox TV), Fatih Börekçi (Medyascope), Recep Yaşar (Turkish Journalists' Association), Prof. Dr. Atilla Girgin, Asst. Prof. Mustafa C. Sadakoglu, Asst. Prof. Guven Özdemir, Asst. Prof. Selin Suar Oral and IAU Corporate Communications Director Suat Kozluklu.

The data obtained in the workshop;

Increasing public awareness of risks (hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, flood, etc.) that may cause major disasters in the world and in Turkey,

Methods and practices to be used in mass communication in risk reduction activities for major disasters,

Developing new regulations and/or solution proposals for the elimination of the problems that may be experienced and suitable for the results that may occur.

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