Translation and Interpreting (English)


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  Message from the Head of Department

In the globalized world, competent translators are needed in almost every sector including media, education, business, logistics, tourism, publishing, law, et cetera. Particularly, in the Turkish import-export companies, the demand for competent interpreters with a high command of English has mounted in the recent years. The mission of the program is educating translators who have developed language awareness; perceive translation as an intercultural communication rather than just a language-level activity; have a brilliant command of Turkish, English and have comprehensive knowledge of the cultures of these two languages; have gained experience in written and oral translation by learning field information and terms of different disciplines in addition to acquiring knowledge of translation techniques, practices and theories; can translate into a foreign language other than English.

Assist. Prof. Dr. İlkin BAŞAR

Translation and Interpreting (Turkish- English)


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