​The Department of Arabic Translation and Interpretation had its first graduates in 2022, and the number of students graduating from our department is 12 so far. Our graduates are employed in various fields such as ministries and official institutions, under secretariats, Turkish Armed Forces, translation companies, publishing houses, engineering and architecture firms, foreign trade companies, private institutions and organizations, tourism agencies and other businesses operating in the field of tourism, finance, logistics, banks, radio and communication, media, publishing houses, translation, copywriting, editorship, news agencies, embassies and foreign representative offices, etc. In addition, they can work as academicians in various Arabic programs of universities. We also have students who have received Education Formation, and we have graduates working in the field of teaching. 

Alumni Activities/News


The Department of Arabic Translation and Interpreting organized the 1st Alumni Gathering on May 20, 2023. During the event, the graduates of the department exchanged ideas on topics such as study abroad, graduate education, career planning, and initial teacher training.

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