Aydın Translation Office

It was established by professional translators and a professional business management team to provide high quality and professional translation solutions. 

Performing services in all official languages of the world, our organization solves the problem of translation for the companies in Turkey and also provides localization services for multinational institutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is working in an attempt to provide professional and high quality translation solutions to institutions in the most suitable conditions.

Our Service Areas

In addition to providing translation services from Turkish to all official languages of the world and also from all official languages of the world to Turkish, Aydın Translation provides verbal and written translation services in a wide range of expertise in cross-foreign languages.  

Besides instructors and successful students, specialized professional certificated public translators who have been working in their fields for many years are working within our office.

The translations are prepared in various file types in PC and Macintosh environments.

Those works are delivered to the customers in the form of a floppy disk, CD or text in accordance with the customer requests.

All customers' translations are archived and stored on computer. No client can see the translations of another client.

Privacy is our main principle.

As Aydın Translation Office, another thing we are most interested in is that we deliver the translations on the day and time we have committed.

You can contact us at any time by fax, modem and e-mail no matter where you are in Turkey or at somewhere else in the world.

50% Discount is Made for the IAU Students.

As Aydın Translation Office, our principle from day one is;

Serving the most accurate, the fastest translation on the date committed.

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