Principle’s Message

Dear Students,

You have been a member of Istanbul Aydın University thanks to your success and your preference in Undergraduate Placement Exam. I sincerely congratulate you for joining us by choosing our university and for your first step towards a successful future. All of the administrative and academic staff of the School of Foreign Languages are pleased to be with you.

Having an innovative vision, broad perspective and a dynamic academic staff, our School has adapted student-centered approach to education and is trying to provide our students with foreign language education at the level of competence that meets the needs of university education and the modern world's expectations.

One-year foreign language education is provided for the students, who have enrolled in a program with a preparatory year but failed the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam, before undergraduate program during our Preparatory Education programs in order to ensure that they use foreign language effectively both in their academic studies and in business lives and social circles.

Compulsory and elective courses, which are opened to ensure that the students gain and develop the foreign language skills they will need during their ongoing academic programs and post-graduation period, are planned and provided in Modern Languages Unit to the students who have enrolled in faculties, schools and vocational schools of Istanbul Aydın University.

Efforts are also being exerted to ensure that our students graduate by improving themselves in English, Russian, Spanish written and oral translations in the departments of Translation and Interpretation.

In addition, the students who want to learn a second foreign language are provided free courses in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Chinese languages. The students who have learned English but cannot speak may attend to speaking clubs in order to improve their English by having conversations with foreign students.  

I would like to emphasize the importance of benefiting from the educational opportunities sustained to you in our school in the best way by drawing your attention to the importance of that individuals need to be much better equipped and foreign language competence is a must in today's globalizing world. I wish you to have an academic year full of achievements and success in terms of foreign languages.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÇIKRIKÇI


güncelleme: 14.1.2019 10:49