Vocational English

Vocational English is generally chosen by the second year students and it the serial course of the general English courses taught during the first year of the university's faculties and vocational schools. This course teaches students to communicate in English in a clear, respectful, meaningful, complete and accurate manner for both personal and professional relations.  Verbal, written, interpersonal, technological and employment oriented communication competencies are being developed in this education. The primary object is to provide a complete infrastructure for students to communicate effectively in English.

A curriculum with information on the general business English such as getting ready for a job interview, making presentations, preparing CV, writing an e-mail, communicate in verbally and written at work is followed in the Vocational English-I taught during fall semester and a special curriculum including English terms and words regarding each department and program in addition to these information is followed in the Vocational English-II taught during spring semester.   

The students are educated to be ready for the business life in the presence of visual and audial devices by benefiting from the advantages of all the opportunities provided through modern technology in an attempt to help students to overcome difficulties on communicating. 

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