General English

An Exemption Exam is applied to the students, who have enrolled in the first year of the vocational schools or faculties and all students who have got into the university for the first time, at the beginning of each semester. The successful ones are exempted from the courses. The other students are given 3 hours of General English. It is aimed that the students can be qualify to follow the scientific publications related to their fields and have comprehensive knowledge of the relevant terminology during the course of Vocational English taught during the second year of vocational schools and faculties.

It is aimed to provide first year students of the vocational schools and faculties with the opportunity to acquire the necessary proficiency for the Vocational English course, that will be taught during the following semester, by the English courses taught jointly to all students during Autumn and Spring semesters.

An Internet-based support program was created for the first time considering the English courses taught in departments and programs so that students can use English outside the classrooms more frequently. This practice will continue to support English learning for students outside the classrooms in the upcoming academic years.

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