Translation Laboratory

A language laboratory with a capacity of 35 people and including simultaneous translation cabins capable of translating into three languages has been opened to use at verbal translation lectures of Translation and Interpreting (English) Program, Translation and Interpreting (Russian) Program, two-years Applied Translation Program and the laboratory was introduced with an international small-scale meeting.  

Simultaneous Translation Laboratory provides services for 35 students at the same time and has an area more than 100 square meters. There are 25 student units and three fully-equipped simultaneous translation cabins, each of which has capacity to host two students at the same time to practice translation. These cabins have been equipped in accordance with the principles of AIIC - The International Association of Conference Interpreters and the Conference Interpreters Association of Turkey.
 Having media devices such as video, TV, CD and cassette in the laboratory, the students have the opportunity to translate both video and audio sources through these channels. In addition, there is one LCD monitor in each of the cabinets and these images are projected onto the projector and computer screen just as they are in professional translation cabins.

Finally, the students have the opportunity to record and listen to their own translations by using their personal audio recorders through audio output units located in student units and cabins. We also have a laptop equipped with the latest technology and connected to the internet in our laboratory. Thus, the students and instructors can watch the most recent videos or speeches. 

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